GST Returns

Any entity registered under GST act are required to file periodical GST returns to ensure that it remains compliant under GST law. The frequency of filing and the returns applicable depends on factors like type of GST registration (ex: regular, composition), turn over and the notifications issued by the GST council.
Every business registered under regular scheme and above 1.5 crore turnover need to file 3 returns every month and one annual return apart from any other applicable returns based on the nature and type of business, hence accounting to a minimum of 37 returns while those below 1.5 crore can opt to file their returns every quarter along with monthly consolidate return. Businesses registered under composition scheme need to file their returns every quarter.  
At taxserve, shall ensure all possible returns have been filed after careful and detailed analysis of all your business transactions, and in line with GST acts, rules and notifications.

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