Goods and Service Tax is a tax proposed to be levied on supply of goods and services right from the point of manufacturing to final consumption by user. In short it is a destination based tax accruing at the place of sale/supply.
Any business entity above the threshold limit of annual turnover mentioned as per the GST Act are required to be registered under GST law. And all the business entities who were registered under previous indirect tax regimes are also required to migrate to GST act.
GST Registration
Any entity registered under GST act are required to file periodical GST returns to ensure that it remains compliant under GST law. The frequency of filing and the returns applicable depends on factors like type of GST registration (ex: regular, composition), turn over and the notifications issued by the GST council.
GST Returns
To make your business more GST compliant, we provide periodical scrutiny of all your business records by highly trained subject experts. We will thoroughly understand your business and review all the records to provide you will insights on any practices which are deviating from the existing law. We ensure all your questions on site are answered and provide crisp and clear reports which will provide a detailed analysis of your companies GST structure including any required changes to be made in it.
Expert advisors with vast experience in indirect tax matters including retired officers from the department will be guiding and providing you necessary piece of advice as to how better you can comply with the GST provisions. All the opinions provided will be thoroughly researched and double verified by professionals on the subject.
We will provide necessary suggestions, recommendations and strategies to help our clients get refunds. Our team of experts will file your refunds claims and every claim will be strictly followed up for early sanction.
GST Refund